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Black house in Croatian countryside by Tomislav Soldo

Built on a hillside of Croatian countryside, the Black house overlooks the Ogulin Mountains. The holiday home was designed by young architect Tomislav Soldo.

From the architect: The story of the birth of this house may have a somewhat unusual sequence. Inverse but not the wrong process in thinking and designing space where the great role of experience is nature itself. First of all, there was a nut, a tree that seemed to be the perfect natural shade and the first space without walls. Then, over time, a terrace was built around the walnut tree, and only then comes the idea of ​​building a house.

The slope of the plot that directs the sight to the nearby forest and above all to Klek, the mountain of recognizable contours and the location of the existing terraces were the first and only conditions in the process of designing a new facility. Without the need for excessive flirtation and referral to the existing and traditional surroundings, without the desire to conquer and approve, it is just a house on the hill, a terrace extension and a seaside enclosure. The only formatted functional elements of this area are the sloping roof, the compactness of the ground floor, and the presence of wood in the formulation of the pavement.

It is a ground floor area of ​​60 square meters – with a small basement floor for storage, a ground floor and a kitchen, and a sleeping space at the gallery. Just as the space flow between the exterior and the interior was sought, primarily in terms of interconnecting the interior kitchen, the summer kitchen and the terrace, so the flow and the unity of space was also sought in the interior. The whole house is viewed as a unique volume, and out of each of its parts offers a look out. The kitchen and bathroom space make up a compact mini volume and core inside a larger volume of the house, and above which the gallery is located. Constructively the whole house was built of porobeton, besides basement floors and foundations, which made it possible to accelerate and simplify construction at a given location. The façade was constructed as a ventilated, sibirian aries blades stacked on the groove and the feather, then impregnated with wood tile in two layers, a natural wood protection coating.

In the evening, the black compact and hermetic volume in the evening when illuminated by the interior is softened with light strips that are drawn through the slit slits, with a symbolic shift of the day scenarios and observation of the environment from its interior to the night scene and watching the house from the surroundings and the darkness.

Source: www.tomislavsoldo.com

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Orah, Kuća i Terasa
Ogulin, Croatia

Architects: Tomislav Soldo
Area: 100,00 m²
Year: 2016
Photographs: Jure Živković


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